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Sorry someone stole your picture. You can report this to ebay.

Go to:

1) Questionable content on ebay –>
2) Potentionally infringing issues –>
3) Use of images, text, or links without proper permission

After hitting Continue , you can read more about copywrites (if you wish, but not necessary to read).

*Next, hit Contact Support at the bottom. Tell ebay the auction # and the userid of the person who copied your image. Say the seller stole copywrite material from your site. Give them a link to your site showing the same picture. Note: it is important to give ebay evidence or nothing will happen.

Ebay will send you a generic email immediately. However, it might take a few days (usually 3) before they warn the seller. Sometimes ebay will take action [Smile] and sometimes they don’t [Frown] ….I guess it depends on their mood. Typically, the seller must get 3 warnings before ebay suspends their account (assuming they copied pictures from 3 different people).