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Ok…last time…let's clear up some fog:

1. Have re-read this entire novel…nowhere did I mention that Kathy bought the Jester from Gayla.

2. According to Kathy's post of April 14…yes..she was searching for the Jester but lost him due to a higher bid.

3. Somewhere between April 14 and May 8, Kathy found a Jester to sell. Whether she had 1 or 2…I have no idea and don't need to know. Did she get it from someone on this site? Did she have 2 offers? Does it matter? Do I care?

4. At no time was Lollipop (Gayla) involved in any of this, except that her picture was taken by Kathy. Among other pictures from other sellers.

5. Somewhere between Sandra's post and now, I've totally forgotten why we're going through this exercise.

6. Who the “L” is pattipotroast? Oh…supposedly the new owner of the alleged Jester.

7. I'll probably wake up in the shower and the whole thing will have been a dream.

'nite all…