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Two-tone Youth-Dew Blue heart necklace, original cord faded, outer edges darking with age, & oils from fragrance, slight shrinkage of solid $75.00.

Holiday Evening Cinnabar Necklace, center emblem missing, original cord, tassel has some loose cords, label intact, solid good shape $75.00.

Aliage ivory heart necklace, on original neckwire, some tarnish on wire, label faded, some shrinkage of solid, back of compact area worn $50.00

Two-tone, silver & gold Aliage pear necklace, slight pitting on the silver, on original cord, which is discolored, faded label, some shrinkage $75.00.

Ivory & Jade carver necklaces, great shape, original cords, labels intact, very little shrinkage $150.00 each (have 2 offers for each).

Sleeping cat,perfect, label intact, slight shrinkage $275.00
Contented cat, Chipped ear & gash next to damaged ear,(received from Lauder that way), slight shrinkage $150.00 or both cats for $400.00

Foo Dog perfect, except for shrinkage & missing label $300.00 (have 2 offers)

Lauder Youth-Dew braided Cameo, book says it’s from ’93, but we think it’s older. Red Brown background, no shrinkage, no damage $100.00