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Right, Gigi. There's good reason for their nickname “Needless Markup”. Yesterday I went to the Bal Harbour Neiman's – the most upscale one in South Florida. It was an in-circle sales event with designer's or their reps in almost every department. Clive Christian, of the “world's most expensive perfume” fame ,and his group were giving a presentation and showing and selling their latest perfume in beautiful bottles and boxes. A set of there three average size bottles were selling for $1000. Of course he was happy to sign the box for any purchase. One of our IPBA members from Florida had been invited to the presale presentation and she introuced me to Clive and his daughter Victoria. He also had some bottles with a one carat diamond in the design at the neck. I didn't even ask the price on those. Champagne and hor's douvres and sweets were being served and there was a string quartet playing at the main entrance to the store. Very la-di-da and a lot of fun.