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Does that mean the solids are cheaper for you on this side of the pond as well??? If you are looking for bargains, come in Jan or Feb. Stores make a big push so the spring and summer goods can come in. I am going outlet shopping tomorrow, I never find any bargains at the CCS where we're headed. The solids are usually much cheaper on Ebay. I want to buy some new dishes, so I'll hit the Pfaltzgraft outlet and get some good buys. Will check out the Coach outlet, but that is hit or miss. There are some nice Christmas shops as well closeby, and a great Mall, so we will do it all ( and pay for it when I wake up Saturday AM, oh to be young again ) I was at Neimans today and it was the first I saw the Great Wall solid. I love it, the pictures don't do it justice. Didn't buy it though, am saving my funds for the trip tomorrow!