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Hi Everyone,

I am back, and thanks to Jackie's post I don't feel too bad on “re-entering” this wonderful site.

I have been away far too long due to personal reason's, and I gather some people may have dropped out of posting, it is such a shame as I looked forward to all the chat on the site.

Now I have time to myself again albeit that it is nearly 1 am, and should be in bed, but you ladies give this site a closeness even though some of us have not met.

Marg has given me laughter when I needed it, and Jacky keeps intouch with her e-mails and jokes, Jeanne is a good friend and e-mails me.

I look forward to more letters online and information on solids, I stopped collecting but I am still interested and you never know folks, you may see me bidding again…….LOL.

Thanks for your friendship,

Love to you all,