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Perhaps Woody will post a picture of the Harrods'powder. I quite like the Cordays, and Phyllis ( from this site ) turned me n to Kenneth Jay Lane. She posted some pictures on the website awhile back. I managed to find one on Ebay a few months ago and was very pleased when it arrived ( both with the price and the solid. He still makes costume jewelry in the US, but doesn't seem to make solid perfumes anymore. I broke down and bought the EL cameo this year. I love it because it doesn't look like a traditional cameo, but like the bottles EL perfume came in ages ago. Have you been collecting long Margaret? I bought my first solid when then Imperial Dog came out in the late 70's. ( am always kicking myself that it wasn't a princess or panda) Then nothing til the Pleasures puppies came out in the 90's. I didn't even know most of this stuff ( except for the general distribution solids ) existed til about 2001 when a Neiman Marcus came to town. I resisted the circus series when I saw it there, but I should know myself better. I started getting infatuated w/solids when I put a general search in my computer engine and found Lisas' site.It will be 2 years in Feb and it is safe to say I have gone solid crazy. I am resisting new solids as I am afraid they will show up on Ebay in a few months. I buy anything I like not just Els, and there is alot of nice stuff on the market. I really want an old Polly Bergen solid from the late 70's, called Tortue in a turtle solid. I missed the boat on the last one as I only had so much money to spend. I'll catch one eventually. How did you start collecting? Connie