Solid Perfume Forums Re: Let’s make a book!

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Thanks “mate” to Jacky for your support! And also to Astrid for the enthusiasm. [Smile]
It’s obvious that a few of us don’t see the enivsaged ‘problems’ that people mention as:
1) most of the photos are already done.
2) most of the information is there.
3) the time required would be for collating it and formatting it . . . . and then getting a few prices on publishing it. [Eek!]

To others, I understand the misgivings and the weigh-up of the time/money/effort vs. profit and turning a ‘hobby’ into something more. [Suspicious]
I can truly appreciate and understand this. So I apologise for ‘treading on toes’ or offending anyone if that’s the case.
It’s obviously not worth the hassle to some, whereas others are happy to put the time and effort in.

But what is it we’re talking about here? I’m thinking about 10 – 20 ‘main’ pictures with maybe a few close ups and a bit of info. Perhaps also a bit about the contributors (and the site?).

Maybe a 50 page book – maximum? [Wink]