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Hi Sandra !

First of all let me epress that I really would like to see a book like this, and I would buy it ! I always enjoy looking at the pictures of those beautiful scenes all the members show here. I also would assist in any way I could do to get the book produced.
But on the other hand as mentioned by the members here, it’s a huge project, it’s a matter of time and logistics, and lastly of money.

A comment/suggestion to the other ideas showing up here:

Why on earth would we need the EL company ???
And what for ???
They make solid perfumes, and that’s all.
WE are the buyers, and the members here are creativ !

Wouldn’t it be possible to have Roselyn Gerson as a co-author, a lady who already made several books which we all know ? I believe her advice & knowledge would help to publish a book. She’s already in touch with the publisher “Collector Books” (publisher of her own books), and at least she would know what’s possible and what’s not.

Let me know what you think about.