Solid Perfume Forums Re: Las Vegas Show Girl

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Hi Lisa:

Hope you feel a little better today. Am sorry you weren’t all that thrilled with the Roller Coaster, but someone earlier put it something like this: She’s only going to buy the solids that mean something to her, instead of going out and buying them ALL just to have them. [Eek!]

To me, the Roller Coaster brings back memories of amusement parks with my kids…Hershey Park, Great Adventure, and best of all…Disney World. So, in that respect, the Roller Coaster means very much to me, but maybe not to someone else who has no fond memories of it. (Such as having a 5 year old throw up on your white sneakers as soon as you get off the roller coaster! [New Laugh] [New Laugh] )

I do believe the solid prices are climbing terribly fast and at the rate they’re going, we’ll be paying $400 to $800 each in a few years. [Frown] It’s really getting quite close to “quitting time.” I do hope Estee Lauder people look at this board. [Razz]

Take care…be well… [Smile]