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QUOTE(Ar @ Mar 14 2006, 03:43 AM)
I was in the Las Vegas store last week and they swore they didn't know what the LV exclusive would be and that they wouldn't have it until May. Were they tellin' me a story, Margaret???

When I walked in, there were 6-8 corporate-looking people wearing black suits standing around talking. I was the only customer in the store. One (just ONE) came over and introduced herself to me. She said her name was Patricia, and she's director of education for Estee Lauder. They were all from corporate headquarters visiting the store. So I took the opportunity to complain about the warehouse sales, the lack of “bling” on the solids, and the repetitive themes.  I suggested they listen to their customers to find out what kinds of solids they should make. Patricia said she started collecting several years ago herself and would take my comments back to headquarters. We had a nice conversation. She was very pleasant and professional.  She asked me if I'd be willing to showcase my collection for new collectors –  I guess she organizes those events. Even if nothing comes of our discussion, and I don't expect miracles, I felt good about being in the right place at the right time for once!!! 

I broke down and bought the Las Vegas sign. They are close to running out of them. They still have a lot of the pink cadillac. They also had Jewels to Boot and the flower cart exclusives. At the CCS at the Premium Outlets, I got the fish that sits on the coral reef. CCS had LOTS of solids, including the pagoda and one Bustier that I almost bought but when I looked at it I discovered a flaw.

I was in LV for one day, then headed to Death Valley, where it snowed and rained – a real rarity. Had a great time climbing to the tops of sand dunes to take photos. It was COLD! I was glad to come home to Florida.