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Update: I called Keith Orr tonight, the “beauty advisor” I spoke to when I was in the LV store. He said they were notified about the Little White Chapel two days after my visit. It's a real chapel in Vegas. I received the color photocopy from him today. Looks cute, white with gold trim, red rhinestones on the roof and a heart sign attached next to it. $250. It will ship to me on Monday. They will also be getting another exclusive solid; he doesn't know what, but he thinks it will come out in June (weird timing).

They didn't have the hummingbird or peacock, definitely had the boot.

Yes, I was excited to see the “suits” and glad I got to express my 2 cents. Patricia seemed to know about when I mentioned it, so maybe someone at EL is actually reading our postings.

KK, hopefully I'll have some photos posted soon. First I have to load some software on my computer. Thanks for asking.