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QUOTE(2cute4u2 @ Mar 24 2006, 02:10 PM)
Hi Mary,

Vegas was fine.  I did see the chapel i n person and for $250 I wasn't impressed. I was hoping for more bling and I would love to add a pair of blingy dice  to my Vegas collection. I guess if I had gotten hitched in Vegas, I'd buy it for the provenance. The chapel was cute and all…but not my kind of solid to pay that kind of money for.

Did see the Strongwater solids and others at the Company store in Primm. I bought the leopard compact…It was 30% off of the regular price so I didn't buy it at the EL store at the Forum shops for that reason. I always check the company store 1st.


Can you let me know about the Primm Store? Is that an Estee Lauder Outlet location?

Also have not had a chance to take a picture of the Wedding Chapel, I don't know how to use the digital camera and have to rely on my husband and he hasn't had a chance this week.