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You are absolutely correct. Altho the seahorse, for some reason, is not included. They are billing these as “Estee Lauder Las Vegas Private Collection Exclusive Collection. So I called and the SA said they are exclusive to Las Vegas and Bergdorfs. I said, that doesn't sound EXCLUSIVE to me, they've been available for a while! I also asked about the Swarovski crystal compacts featured in Vegas magazine with card symbols on them. I really like them but they are only powders and mirrors, not solid perfume.
Vegas still has the chapel, dice and coin (chip?) available for purchase.

QUOTE(klassicguy1 @ Jun 26 2008, 09:29 PM)
The solids are actually Erin Lauder releases that supposedly were exclusive to Bergdorfs in the spring.  The cards are powders that were also special releases from what I understood. 


P.S.  I just remembered that the pics of the Erin Lauder solids are already posted here by Ann.  These were sold as “only available at Bergdorfs”. Here's the link:…&hl=erin+lauder