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I got photocopies (not really a flyer) from Jenny at the Las Vegas store. At the top it says” Estee Lauder Las Vegas Private Collection Exclusive Collection.” I don't have a scanner but I'll see if I can take a photo and post it tomorrow.
Solid Perfumes:
Golden shell pendant $175
Golden Signature pendant $175
Acorn Pendant$150
Golden Paisley pendant $150
Golden conch pendant $150
Golden Sparrow $150
Starfish $200
Vintage Compact $125
Sea Urchin Solid $200

There are 3 perfume bottles: Cinnabar, Estee, Private Collection: $300 each

Large alligator powder compact w/bronze goddess $75
100% goose down powder puff $100
Large blue placqe compact w/bronze goddess $125

“Lucky Hand” new exclusve swarovski crystal compacts covered in different card symbol designs. They don't say if they are powders or perfumes. They are by kathrine Baumann Beverly and featured in What's Hot Winning Hand Vegas Magazine June 2008 issue. $225 each.

Another page lists the spring and summer 2008 Kathrine Baumann Collection (NOT exclusive) of mirror compacts – regular and 3x magnification. All covered with Swarovski crystals in different designs. One is green and the shape of a heart.