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Just got in from LV this AM. Slept most of the day to catch up from Vegas nights and change of time zones. See Lisa and Lorraine have provided wonderful and accurate details of the happenings so I will just express my personal thoughts.

Great to meet Beri and Galina for the first time. They are very enthusiastic and excited about collecting. It was fun to see such pleasure in their collections. Of course, it was great fun to reunite with Nancy (I am noshing on Scottish shortbread right now, Thanks!),Angela with the most beautiful smile and hair, Lorraine with her wonderful, pleasant, easy manner. We managed to stay out of trouble and didn't quarrel over a single solid. Woody everyone already knows is the best! And the incomparabe Lisa and Jack. Great fun to be around them. Nice to meet so many at the convention and impossible to name everyone. But of course I cannot overlook Liberace! Wasn't he something!

Feel sad that you are somewhat down on collecting at the present, Lisa. All collecting, as are many things in this world, is rather cyclical. It will change again and you will regain your origianl passion for it. Know it is disappointing not to sell most of your wonderful treasures at the show. It is not easy to sell to collectors because they already have so many goodies. However, I could feel your excitement and pleasure when you spoke of obtaining some of your most sought after pieces. Woody and I agreed that we see new names of collectors coming aboard and am sure we will see a lot more.

Thought Estee Lauder was indeed generous in hosting the Sunday brunch with preview of the new solids, the gift compact and prize drawings at the dinner.
Their Saturday evening presentation was very upbeat, very scripted and they kept it under compete control by not opening for questions or discussions.

I do like the Pink Lady and purchased same. Will have to think about what I might be buying of the others.

Monday Gene and I took a taxi the newest LV hotel Wynn. We had a delightful afternoon. What a fabulous place! Wandered all over it and marveled at the wonderful design of light and color. Carpet and flooring in gorgeous flowers and foliage, lightening of wonderful designs and colors. Thousands of flowers everywhere. The shops were Cartier, Dior for men as well as women, Oscar de La Renta, etc., etc. Saw Judith Lieber evening bags designed with the colors and patterns copied from the hotel elements of carpet, hanging lighting, etc . Only $4,000 and $5,000 each. Ate lunch at the huge buffet in the hotel. Scrumtious with an enorumus selection of foods. We felt the afternoon one of the highlights of our trip and fully intend to stay at this hotel should we return to Vegas.

Was a fun trip for us and glad we participated. Wish everyone who frequents this site could have joined us. Maybe next year?