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Here are some of the topics that Mr. Anise spoke about at the convention this year:

Discoloration of plastic resin material
The magnet closures
Cosmetic Company stores
Warehouse sales
Limit on solid purchases
Damaged solids sold on eBay
Production runs
Labels on solids

One of the questions on the packet submitted by Ann & Ken noted the discoloration of the plastic resin material on the solids – particularly the slot machine and ice on the bubbly, Mr. Anise told us the company was looking into formulating a new material that would not discolor and collectors would be able to send back the slot machines for repairs of the discolored panels.

One of the collectors expressed they did not like the new magnet closures on the solids because the looser closure was allowing perfume to seep out. Mr. Anise made note of the issue and explained to us that EL felt the solids easier to open.

Another collector explained they were not able to purchase anymore solids at a CCS because they reached their “3 solids in a life time” limit. Mr. Anise seemed surprised at such a thing and told us that 3 solids in a life time was not the company's policy. He did touch on why limits are placed on EL products saying they are trying to keep the products from being sold in drug stores and flea markets, ect.

Mr. Anise also explained that the warehouse sale is for family and friends of people that work for the company and that basically the invited guests to this event should not be motivated by greed and should take the fantastic deals home for personal use.

Mr. Anise told all of us that the limit policy was going to be changed in the company so that collectors would not be “shut off” by the company.

The biggest issue of the night was by far the damaged solids on eBay. We were told the workers at the factory are smuggling the damaged solids out and that EL already has two names of the offenders and they will be dealt with by the company where the solids are produced.

A collector did ask the number of solids being produced each year and Mr. Anise told us that that information would not be released to the public as it is proprietary information.

Another collector asked about the labels on the solids and explained that with age they fall off. This collector asked for hang tags instead if labels and Mr. Anise made a note of it.

Another question was if the solids can be refilled and restored? Basically the short answer was “no” and I agree with that part of collecting is finding the MIB solid so what fun would it be if all the older solids had perfume in them and they all looked great.

That's I remember for now. I would like to thank Ann and Ken for the great idea of submitting questions to EL. They will let us know the final outcome as there were several other questions we just didn't have time for.