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Ann – I don't think that many Strongwater's will appear on eBay. You see, he does monitor what goes on there, and he does “pull licenses” of retailers who he knows sells there. I know, because one seller I purchased an item from said she only had until a certain date to get rid of her extra Strongwater stock. If she sold past that date, he would pull her license. Obviously, she stopped selling his items. The point being…apparently he has the “resources” that Lauder does not.

However, if you just want to sell off one or 2 of your own, that's a different story. It's just the dealers he won't tolerate.

Sandra – have you never heard the expression “The One With the Most Solids Wins!” It's just a compulsion…there's no explanation, really.

One last thought…perhaps you've been talking to the wrong party, since Jay seems to be more of a hands-on realist…and not a huge corporation? (Is this under the wrong topic? You may move it.)