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Grouping themselves together in a circle, the toys listened
as Jennifer told them how Star Princess had fallen off her star!
''We have to get her home'' Amanda interrupted, ''And you will
help us'' Jennifer added.

The toys turned to one another wondering what they were going to do.
Giraffe had the first idea. ''I think'' he began, and cleared his long
throat ''UGHM, I think I have a way.'' ''Quickly, quickly'' chorused
the toys. ''UGHM, I was thinking that if Star Princess were to climb onto
my neck, UGHM, I could then take her to a very large tree, yes, the
very largest tree in fact, and she could then climb into the branches
and on arriving at the top of the tree she could jump the rest of the
way and then land on her star!'' The sound of muffled giggles
gradually gre louder and louder until everyone, except Jennifer and
Amanda, exploded into great guffaws of laughter. Giraffe lowered
his long neck. ''UGHM I really cannot understand what you find
so amusing about my UGHM suggestion!'' Jennifer felt quite sorry
for Giraffe as he looked so unhappy. ''It is a good idea. A very good
idea indeed but unfortunately we haven't a tree in the garden that would
be tall enough!'' ''UGHM yes, UGHM. Yes you are right
Jennifer, yes you are definitely right.'' Giraffe closed his eyes in
deep concentration………….