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Amanda watched apprehensively as Jennifer opened the toy
cupboard. She had listened in amazement as Jennifer told her how
Star Princess had fallen from a Star wrapped in a Snowflake. When
Jennifer gently raised the coverlet where Star Princess was still sleeping , Amanda had gasped at the sight of the most beautiful fairy she had ever seen. Prettier than the fairies in her Hans Christian Andersen books and much much prettier than
any of her other story books.

Mr. Mouse was the first to come whirring out of the toy cupboard, his whiskers twitching from side to side. Next came Giraffe, taking the opportunity to stretch his long, long neck followed by Jacko the Monkey Dangling from a Branch.
Suzy the doll peered out of her Victorian Doll House, curious as to what
was happening outside and Leo the Lion growled in his Lion's Cage, impatient
to be free…

Jennifer peered inside the cupboard wondering where the rest of the toys
were hiding. Why they should hide when they could come out to play
was a bit silly, she thought to herself. ''You can stay in the cupboard if
you want'' Jennifer called to Pepo the Clown and if the Juggling Seal
doesn't want to juggle today, he can stay there too!'' It was not long
before the Circus Clown was somersaulting around the room whilst
Elephant strutted back and forth showing off his new pink, jewelled coat. ''Ooooh'' Amanda sighed, watching the toys having so much fun.