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Star bright, Star light, First star I see tonight, I Wish I may, I Wish I might.
Jennifer repeated the verse over and over in her head.
If wishing could just make it so then Star Princess would be home by supper time.
“Perhaps we are thinking too hard!” Cowboy Joe said as he awoke Jennifer from her daydreaming. O.K. Let's see what we have here to work with Cowboy Joe said.
As he was thinking to himself wondering? Amanda spoke up, “Hey where is that “Black Hawk” helicopter Jennifer got for Christmas last year? Cowboy Joe said I don't seem to see him here. “Why Amanda to you have a plan?” “Well, Yes perhaps but first we must find him” and with that they set off to find the “Black Hawk” helicopter in the toy cupboard. Then Cowboy Joe thought to himself……………….one old macho tin cowboy and a whole cupboard full of toys should be able to figure out a plan to get the Star Princess back to her home safely.