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I want to share with my collector friends the very upsetting experience I encountered today. I received a phone call from Corporate Estee Lauder asking me to explain why I bought so many of their compacts from the Vegas and Manhasset stores. My purchase records had been reviewed and indicated I bought multiples of compacts. I feel my privacy has been invaded. I am still in shock.

When I shared that I buy for myself and to trade with other collectors here and abroad, including people in the collectors clubs we are in, I did not receive a “thank you” for your business but further questioning on who I would trade with and why would I ship to Europe. I have already called the store managers of both Vegas and Manhasset and informed them that I would no longer buy from them.

I was told me this was being done to discourage diversion – people buying multiple quantities of their product and reselling for more money. HELLO! Look at Ebay. I wish I had thought to ask why Estee doesn’t worry about the buyers from their warehouse sales buying bags full of items and reselling them. What has been a very fun experience for me has been totally ruined.