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I do not think that anyone has turned Woodi in. Personally I am of the opinion that esteelauder do not like us collectors being able to buy their solids at the U.S pricings. They have rulings whereby you are not supposedly to sell, trade etc. But with other collectables, you do just that. This is the nature of the beast. Paintings go under the hammer from one purchaser to another, anything and everything. Where there is a buyer, there is a seller and esteelauder can do nothing about it. Are they going to stop Ebay trading? Can they stop Ebay trading? Who the hell do they think they are. The Big Brother equasion to the Nazis is a good one! How dare they phone people in their homes. How dare they dictate what, how and when. Once a product is sold, the person who has bought the product can do what they like with it.

The Big Brother attitude is in existence in their outlet shops, as they monitor who buys, and what! Meanwhile, anyone to phone someone and stipulate what they do with their purchases and why they do this, is an infringement.

I wouldn’t give them a second thought. I would just get on with it. The people you are buying from are obviously reporting back to the Powers that be. Obviously estee are worried about their diminishing profits with Woodi selling products at a lower price!

I shall cry buckets for this company! They really can’t afford to lose any of their profits as they might drown!

That would be a good one! Then the solids would raise in value, and wouldn’t we Collectors have fun!