Solid Perfume Forums Re: Invasion of Privacy

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This is very shocking! I can’t believe corporate people do such things. The main question is how did they get your phone number? I’d be [Mad] and [Suspicious] if they found mine.

Why would they care how much you spent? It’s not of their business. If they are really concerned, they should have already made rules (like those CCS). Instead, they chose to harrass after the fact. Funny, I thought corporations are in business to make $. It makes as much sense as the LV store in Paris…and French companies in general–no offense. [Mad]

I doubt collectors reported Woody. It’s most likely corporate heads who noted the big spenders and decided to do a witch-hunt. Did they call other people? Was Woody singled out? If so, why did they chose him? Other sellers are much more prolific.

It was a terrible mistake to contact Lauder repeatidly. Some of you already know they have a history of not caring about collectors etc. So, why bother them further? Lauder may have eventually found this site if people didn’t point them here. But the fact is, collectors kept commanding Lauder’s attention. The result was no help, again… surprise surprise. Plus, they forced Lisa and Jack to change the site name/URL. Hindsight is 20/20. Nothing good comes from big enities getting involved. Look at Woody’s situation. Will they come back to do more damage? Will they attempt to prevent anybody from listing their products on ebay? Will they increase prices so the expensive solids cost $1000?

After all these problems, shouldn’t collectors finally STOP contacting Lauder? It is a futile effort based on past experiences. The best solution is if a collector becomes “one of them” so he/she can authorize changes. Otherwise, our activities will be monitored; we will still have no offers of help; activies such as buying will be restricted. WWe can help each other. It’s amazing how knowledgeable some collectors are.