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Ann and Ken
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Hi Woody,

Please don’t give up on collecting!!!
As you say there are other ways to buy. [Big Grin]

After giving this matter so more thought , I think maybe where we( collectors)may have gone wrong was thinking that EL might be interested in us when they started coming to conventions and talking to us, we thought they wanted our imput and we were happy to help. When we started asking questions things changed, it went in two short years to hostile then to “we will no longer take questions”. So excited we were that they appeared to be interested we were very disappointed when we slowly discovered they only just wanted our orders.

We now have proof positive that EL is only interested in “selling” ( one to a customer only)their product , which is their right( even if stupid marketing).

We need to get back to the fun and love of the solids and seperate our selves from being concerned with EL in anyway . They only make the product. We have the power to buy or not, love them or dislike them and EL’s lack of concern shall not stop us.

The powers at EL are not sitting in my curio cabinet , a cute little solid is and it makes me smile. [Big Grin]

I see a trench coat in Ken’s future. [New Laugh]