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Hello Everyone! I am back! It has taken me a few days to settle in and get reorganized. Again, I wanted to thank everyone for their posts and e-mails! I have some great friends here and I am so thankful. That is one of the most positive aspects of collecting these solids.

I have heard nothing more from Estee Lauder. I have found a number of the posts very intriguing as to the subject matter of lawsuit and lack of disclosure on Esteeís part ñ but life it too short too deal with all that mess. I have thought a lot about the incident and I wanted to clarify a few things. Whether or not someone ìturned me inî or not will never be known. I am going with the belief that no one on this site ñ or involved with collecting – would feel the need to do something like that. However, it is absolutely certain than it was an Estee Lauder corporate representative that called me. I have the personís name, return phone number and reason for calling on a recorded voicemail. After speaking with the individual, my follow-up calls to both Vegas and NY confirmed that indeed purchase records had been reviewed and they were told to no longer sell to me. In fact, two pending shipment orders that had been charged to my account were credited back a few days later. I still go back to how I could be accused of wrongdoing when in fact it was the same corporate stores they were proactively soliciting my business and selling me the solids? If there were limits, they were never disclosed. I have bought a large number of solids, and I thought it was a positive thing.

To answer Esteeís question, I bought these solids for my own collection, for friends, for gifts, for investment, for trade, for donation and supply to IPBA and Compact Club auctions, and to sell to support my purchases of the new solids as they were issued. Some solids I have sold at a loss ñ should I ask for money back since the accusation is I am making money by diverting the goods? As has been stated in a good number of the posts, many, many people buy and sell – all you need to do is look at Ebay. I have randomly asked a few Saks and Niemans reps as to any limit on what I could purchase and the resounding response was ìnoî. I could buy as many as they had and they were very excited at the prospect. I was going to cancel my personal orders with Saks and Niemans this year, but that would only hurt the great salespeople I work with.

People have asked me why I said anything at all to the caller, and in my naivety, my initial thought was that Estee was calling for something positive ñ reaching out to the collectors for information to help them in supporting us….boy was I wrong. Many people have said it, and now I am a firm believer that Estee does not realize and appreciate the value this site and we collectors bring to them in getting new collectors interested in ñ and keeping the existing collectors interested in – continuing this crazy and fun hobby. They should be calling to thank us for our purchases ñ especially the crazy people like me who buy duplicates. I am going through my extra solids and putting together a pile that can go back to the corporate stores. I certainly donít need to keep them since the company is being discriminatory by no longer selling to me.

I havenít decided not to collect anymore, but I will certainly do it differently in the future. I will buy off Ebay or privately ñ even some of the new ones are cheaper on Ebay right now ñ whatís up with that? Is Estee looking into that? What about those warehouse sales ñ are there limits there?

Oh well, life goes on and the fun continues! I will still be around and involved…..just look for the guy in the dark sunglasses and trenchcoat as Nancy described.

This is Agent ìSolid007î signing off. [Cool]

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