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Thank you all for your good wishes. I’m not sure if Jacky has put a post about Harrods in another section but I’ll just give a quick run-down of how our day went and my view of it. I did enjoy my day down in London. It was good from start to finish. Alison, Janine, the Head of Marketing and Christina, from New York were all very nice and I am probably nit-picking here but- The solids were all laid out for us to see but it would have been nice to have had a bit of a presentation just to give a bcakground even. At the start, when there were only a few of us, my friend and I being the first to arrive, (suprise, suprise)we were asked for our suggestions for next year. Would you believe my mind was blank!? The room was quite small I thought, for the number of people who were there. I’m sorry I didn’t count how many. It got very warm in a short space of time. We did meet a few nice people, and of course, asked if they knew about this site.They do now! They didn’t have the Harrods Taxi on display as it wasn’t in, but, when we went downstairs to the counter it had arrived. We were told the Chairman would ‘perhaps’ come along but he didn’t. To me it seemed a bit vague and bitty. Perhaps it was because it was the first and I don’t want to do anything to put them off having another one. A few people were suprised we had come all the way from Scotland, just for the day, (my bank manager was one of them!) Perhaps if we’d had more notice we could have gotten cheaper flights. That would have helped but we had a great day, it could just have been better. I like Alison, she is very nice and if she was the one who arranged things I’m sorry if I upset her it is just it could have been a really good opportunity for them to really give a lot of information but they just wanted sales. Maybe because of the Neiman Marcus presentation at the IPBA this year. Oh I don’t know, I guess what I am saying is it seemed a bit flat and I think they missed out. No taxi on show, which is one of the three Harrods exclusives and the chairman might show up. It would have been better if they hadn’t said anything and then it would have been a great surprise if he had and they would have lost nothing if he hadn’t. I hadn’t taken my letter so when we arrived we asked at Information for directions, they knew nothing about it. My friend had her letter, got it out and we were directed to the Urban Retreat. When we got there and asked about the Estee Lauder presentation we were told EL was on the ground floor! Staff should have been informed about what was going on so they could direct people it wasn’t too professional. Hopefully they will learn and get it better next year. Maybe they could even get some of the collectors to show some of the older solids.
Gosh, hope I don’t offend anyone, do you think I’ll get a phone call Woody?????


PS I have made up a spreadsheet of the price differences between US & UK and hope Jack can add it to the site. The differences are interesting but there is no rhyme or reason to them.