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Dear all
I have just got back from holiday and cannot believe my eyes [Eek!]
How could Woody have been treated this way?
Is this a taste of what’s to come for all of us??
Why don’t EL check out Ebay for all the sellers if that’s their game!!!
Woody is a great person and never adds loads of margin to his items.. I wouldn’t be able to buy some items here in England as they are not on sale so Woody gains a little EL gain a lot!!
Are they now discriminating the British buyer then?
Go get ’em Woody for all our sakes!
On a lighter note NY and the cruise was Fantastic and I had lots of good advice on this site so thanks!!
Also Donna at Bergdorf (I know you sometimes view the board when you get a chance) thank you so much for really taking care of me! It was a real pleasure to meet you! [Wink]
Nancy… Can you take me with you for Christmas shopping? and you might cause Woody to catch the flu if he goes ahead with your idea [Silly]
Best wishes to all
Maggie [Cool]