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I have been on holiday and have only just gotten around to reading all this. I can hardly believe what I read, [Eek!] but, I have met Woody and know this must have happened and exactly the way he said. It is interesting that he got a phone call. They aren’t stupid enough to put pen to paper are they??? [Suspicious] Oh how I wish they had. Woody I am really vexed for you and hope it didn’t sour your holiday in any way. In fact I hope the holiday blotted it out of your mind for a while. I could have emailed Woody and told him this but I wanted to add my name to the Woody supporters club. It would be awful if it made us all afraid to actually say what we feel here on the site. Obviouslly it hasn’t by all your posts here, so, good for all of you. [Smile] Freedom of speech is important. Over here we have a Data Protection Act and I’m just wondering if EL have in any way infringed some similar American law. Where did they get his phone number from etc.,?
At the moment though, I have a mental picture flitting through my head of Woody, wearing dark glasses and a raincoat, approaching someone in the street, whipping open his coat and, showing off twenty solids dangling from little pockets in the inside of his coat, saying “psst, wanna buy some solids?” I wish I could draw but you can all have your own vision of this. I cannot wait to hear what Woody is going to do or what reply we get (if ever) from EL. Don’t stop selling Woody. As someone here said earlier, it may have been a rival who dobbed you in so if that is the case you are making it easier for them to sell their goods. I wonder if you are the only seller to be targetted in this way. It has often been mentioned that we thought that EL did drop into this site to spy ocassionally I wonder if that was the case. (I do hate to think that someone from here would stoop so low.)
I am still without a computer and as I have now confirmed my booking for New York in December I may have to do without one for a while longer.
Dear Santa, as well as lots of solids this Christmas, please send me a laptop. I have been a good girl, honest. [New Laugh] [New Laugh]