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Ann and Ken
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To answer your question, some of the imformation that Ken & I share on this board from time to time is from knowledgeable confidential sources. We share this information, with approval, to inform members so that they have a better understanding of what is happening.

In my post you are refering to, I did not say that it was impossible, I said ” No one was home or would get back to us.”

In my recent post I said “We shall wait and see what, if anything that they would like to say on the matter.”

You accused someone on this board of having a hand in this without saying who and that is a very serious thing and has caused some mistrust. Why??

We are all upset about this but we need to find out the facts on who did this in a calm way before we accuse a person or Co. and that may take some time.

Ken & I have been very vocal about problems we have with EL but mostly our desire was to make things better so the hobby would continue.

Ann & Ken

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