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I am absoutly outraged about what happened to you! [Mad] How dare they call you.

Maybe we should call them and ask them why they produce so many in the first place?? I don’t understand why they care what happens after a sale, the item is now your property and you have the right to do whatever you like with them. And you are absoulty correct about the warehouse sales and the CCS.

If anyone noticed, there has been a seller on ebay selling the Strongwater solids I emailed him inquiring on where he got them and how many he had, he replied that he had about 30 of each of last years Strongwaters and is still selling them on ebay. Also a while ago a seller on ebay contacted me and told he he had a box of empty solids totaling around 800 he even had all kinds of prototypes. Both of these sellers made a fortune and the Strongwaters are still being sold.

I wonder if Lauder contacted these people??? [Mad] [Mad]

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