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Ann –

You raised the question of how one could contact EL. Now really, you know that all one has to do is call the Manager of either Stand-Alone store, complain often enough about individuals you know who buy there, possibly threaten them with pulling one’s business & God knows what else, and said Manager would then almost have to contact Corporate and report the alleged offender just to get the caller off his back. (Not to mention covering his a** and saving his/her job. The rep who sold the items would probably be fired also. You see, this whole scenario has an incredible “trickle down” edge to it, doesn’t it?)

Buyer is black-listed; Rep is fired; Caller has a tremendous sense of self-righteousness, because God knows the Caller has never done anything remotely “improper” in his or her life, right?

Mission accomplished….how hard is that to understand? [Puzzled]

Must run…have to get 2 very large boxes ready to go to the post office and back to Estee Lauder. [Big Grin]

Have a wonderful day…


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