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I want to thank everyone for their posts and e-mails. All those good wishes mean a lot [Smile] I am still in a mild state of shock that I received the call. It is my belief that this was a corporate review gone amiss. I understand about diversion and all that – but as I think about it – I was a retail customer, buying retail priced products from a retail store. In fact, I was encouraged to purchase by excellent, attentive salespeople with proactive calls when new items were available. Isn’t that what “sales” is all about and the salespersons primary job? Why else would we get the calls from Estee, Saks, Niemans, etc.? Now, that same retail company that I thought was happy for my business has called me and basically made me feel like I was committing a crime. It’s scary to feel that your actions are being watched. I am not sure how I will react in the long run. The Estee Stores will no longer sell to me to which my reply is ……it’s only a solid but my good collector friends are forever! Going on vacation tomorrow and will be back on the 20th! Thanks again to everyone.