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OK…. I need to add more.
Lauder has a policy- it is that the beauty advisors are not allowed to sell more than 6 of the same item to one person. This is to prevent the merchandise from getting in the hands of diverters.

For instance I one time had a business man come to the counter during Christmas he wanted to purchase 20 one once Beautiful sprays to give as gifts. If you ask Lauder they will say “you are only allowed to sell 6” What the store would tell you was “sell them!” bottom line for the stores was to pick up market share from the other stores in the mall, it is all just a big competition and who is making more money. The store’s solution to selling more than 6 of any one item was to break up the sale and make it as many transactions with no more than 6 of the same thing on the reciept. And it was done all the time. When I worked for Lauder I worked on a level system/no commission imagine someone on commission turning this person away it wouldn’t happen!

What I never understood is this- if I turned this man and his sale down he could have gone to Lord & Taylor, Saks, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales & Burdines. These stores are all in the same mall and if he purchased 6 from each store he would now have 36 total. He could then drive 20 minutes and be at another mall, he could also go back every day.

My point is there is no way to put limits on what people buy and like I said before if they want to cut down on the ebay sales
produce less and pull them out of the CCS!

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