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Greetings to you all from a wet and dreary London.Y

Don’t know if this is applicable to your IPB venue. Have been reading about the perfume bottles on Janice’s site. Very interesting especially as I have a friend who comes from CZ and visits quite alot. Have shown the site and comments re many of the beautiful bottles and he will be looking out for them next time around.

Meanwhile, I have a discontinued Gucci L’Arte Di Gucci 3Oml. bottle complete with perfume. I have never opened this one, as it is my favourite eau de parfum and have been scouring the airports when I am travelling, to find it. Alas, cannot as there are none anywhere. The last place I tried was Dubai Duty Free. No luck.

Wondering if the bottle is of interest to anyone as this is now discontinued. Please, don’t start me off collecting perfume bottles. I already have some lovely little miniatures but have never thought of them as a collectable project!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have entered Janice’s site for discontinued perfumes, but mine does not come up!


Jacqueline [Smile]