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Hi everyone. I am back from convention and it was a very nice one! The hotel was great, I could see the St Louis Arch clearly from my room. We didn't have many solid people there, but Phyllis and I did our best to promote Estee solids. It was great to see my friend Ollie from England who was on the hunt for a few elusive Estee Lauder powders. My Estee Lauder roundtable and the Collector Specialty Group talks went well and I have a number of people who expressed interest in the collector group. It will focus on all kinds of solids as well as other related collectables like powders and other vanity items. What was especially nice at the roundtable discussion we had was that I showed 4 wonderful items that I had bought right at convention: an Estee Lauder scarf, a jeweled green apple (yep, a green apple!), a wonderful powder compact with lots of jewels, and finally, my best find of all, a brown/dark amber ginger jewel in just wonderful condition! See what you missed! I believe Phyllis added some treasures to her collection as well. Unfortunately, no one from Estee Lauder was present this year so I have no news on new solids or powders. They seem to be keeping it very quiet.

So, that's it. The convention next year will be in Albuquerque and I am really excited about that. I love that part of the country and we'll make a real vacation out of it.

I am sure Phyllis will give her update as well..

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