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I just added a rider to my policy. I had to come up with a value for each solid. Not easy to do. In certain cases, I used the price I paid (recent purchases), as well as Ebay listings and the listings for sale on this site and Rubylane. You may have to adjust your values up or down depending if you have or don't have both boxes, etc. You can also inflation adjust the value (Price + 10% per year). That's what State Farm told me. For certain solids that have appreciated beyond the norm (Cowboy hats, carousel, etc.) I just stated that they were highly sought after and commanded a high price, based on past prices seen on ebay and these other sites I've mentioned.

How big is your collection? Maybe we can help you with some values. BTW, my rider cost me around $300/year. I consider it a bargain to fully insure my collection against all perils including breakage, theft, fire, etc. Just about the cost of a nice new solid. Well worth it.