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QUOTE(Lisa @ Oct 6 2005, 09:19 PM)

A great question! Most members are not aware they can track their collection through our database.
You can find this feature at the top of the page under the yellow tabs- the one called “solids database” you can click “view my collection” found in the second grey bar and add solids you currently own. For the most part it will only track the retail price at the time but a certain % can be added for a mark up.

To track my collection here is what I do, I use my book from Roselyn Gerson and write under the photo the price I paid for the solid (I now will also add the date) I also mark if I have the gold box or MIB (box and outer white box)

There is a very informative article in the spring 2004 issue of the IPBA quarterly on page 9 about insuring a collection. If you would like to see the article email me.

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Lisa & JACK – I continue to be amazed at how wonderful this website is…what a great idea to help us track our collections! I am going to start listing mine now…

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!