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'Petals' wrote on '03:

Hello Wendy,

Have just read your post and will try to answer.

The post office will always weigh the item. We do not just hand in items already stamped. The post office will not accept that for parcels. I even have the envelopes weighed which I am sending to the States. Depending on the size of the envelope the price increases or decreases. I was amazed when sending one brochure which was not heavy, to find it cost over £2 to post. I had not taken into account the size of the envelope. Either way, it is a hit and miss affair and when listing with auctions, I cannot possibly keep running back and forth to the post office to find out the exact cost. Firstly it would take too much time as you have to stand in line for ages…….Not like the States, where you walk in and out without too much waiting around!

I think, having stayed many times in the States, you are more customer friendly, much more stress free and far less expensive than here in the U.K.


Thank you so much, Jacky! This means Alice has a way to prove that the violin was not included in her package. Go for it, Alice! Good luck! 😀


p.s. As to waiting in line at the post office in the U.S. – you've never seen my local branch! 🙄