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'Petals' wrote on '28:

I have just been catching up and found the above posts really interesting.

Here in the U.K. we HAVE TO INCLUDE PAYPAL in our auctions. If we do not, the auction is disallowed. I found in the past, before paypal was connected to any ebay sale, that most buyers in the U.K. sent personal cheques. This was much appreciated as Paypal take a chunk of money out of any payment on top of the amount that Ebay take! This even includes the postage fee, which they ask us to keep as low as possible notwithstanding packaging materials which is not fair on the sellers.

Meanwhile, most of the items I post are sent Signed For International, which adds considerably to the cost for the buyer especially since the U.K. Postage has gone up in leaps and bounds. I think our postage must be the highest as to post a thin one page brochure to the States which hardly weighs anything costs now over £2.(also add in the packaging i.e. envelopes).

I always take proof of postage for items which I do not send Signed For. To be honest with you, I have never had a problem with non receipt except for something sent within the U.K.!!!!! I had proof of postage so was able to claim back the cost of the item (under £30).

Unlike Sandra, I do not check the feedback etc., but I am noticing that buyers with hardly any feedback are not paying and backing out of doing so at the end of the auction. This is happening so many times that now I am going to put a block on people with less than 10 feedback! I feel badly about doing this but am fed up losing out due to buyers just messing around on ebay treating it as a joke!


Hi, Jacky,

Thank you for your insights! I'm still wondering about who does the weighing of the package for the customs form when you post internationally – do you weigh it yourself or does the employee at the place of business where you are posting the package weigh it?

Other members: I'm not an ebay seller – does ebay have a system that allows sellers to weigh their own packages, pay for postage and then just drop off packages (or have them picked up) by the post office, UPS, etc? Any information is greatly appreciated! 🙂