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Hmmm . . . two thoughts about this . . .

Firstly, you are right about packages being possibly lost or held up. I was thinking about this too last night after I had posted my reply. I remember a few times when a couple of packages were held up in customs. They don't tell you they have it, and it can be there for up to 4 weeks ! They do random searches of packages for our security. It might well be held up there if the seller says they sent it, however, being suspiciously dodgy, it's hard to believe. :huh:

Either way, if it is indeed held up in customs, then sooner or later you'll know.

The other one, the only thing I can thing of is taking a photo as evidence of the packaging and weight. Everything is weighed before posting internationally. With the packaging, was it possible to have two items in there or just one? That will be the only proof you have. Otherwise, I think you may lose out on this one. The seller has been tricky. <_<

I think I'm starting to sound more and more like Michele everyday (except I don't talk half as fast) . . . and that's scary ! :ph34r: