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'Yuen' wrote on '25:

Hello everyone,

I am having a short holiday in Cairns ( three hours flight north of Sydney) and the weather here is fantastic! Will be around 29 degree today and just about to go on a tour 😎 . I got my money back for the four solid perfumes which never turned up and am still waiting to hear from the missing violin case. PayPal gave the seller more than 10 days to respond to my escalation of claims which I think it's a bit too long. I got my money back within 24 hours after my escalation of claims to eBay.

Yes I agree Sandra there are quite a few dishonest people around which is a shame. I sold my Oroton bag a fees weeks ago and the buyer contacted me almost three weeks later to say that she hasn't received it. Luckily I have tracking and I said I'll look into it and will let her know more details. The tracking told me it was delivered two days after I posted it with full tracking information along the way. I gave her the details and never heard from her again! I don't think the bag miraculous turned up after three weeks and after I gave the info to her. I guess she knows that I have full tracking and she won't be able to make a false claim on me!

Hate these dishonest people!


Yay !! Told you it wouldn't be a problem for you just to make a claim. I used to sell quite a few things on Ebay 'in the old days' when almost everyone was honest. I never used to have to send things by registered post, but nowadays I ALWAYS do – so I'm glad you did it with the bag – some people are a real pain in the neck when they are just out to take at your expense !

Can you believe that people didn't always use Paypal for convenience, but I had many people just pay by depositing the money directly into my bank account and I used to pay by the same way. Also, I sent many Western Union moneygrams, as well as Aust Post moneygrams, and NEVER experienced a problem selling or buying !

There just seems to be many more people now doing Ebay scams which spoils it for the rest of us.

Now, what are you doing in Cairns when the weather down here in Sydney has been perfectly summer-like? 26 degrees and sunny in Sydney ain't bad ! 😎 I was just down at Bondi Beach last week !

(I do like Cairns though, but you can't swim in the sea there)