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'Yuen' wrote on '17:

If I didn't get my money back in these two cases, I will stop buying from eBay. I have paid close to $ 500 for these two cases!

I always read sellers feedback before I buy. I don't buy off sellers with no feedback (unless I can pick it up) or more than 2 negative feedbacks in a month. Unfortunately there has been a bit of bad history with buying EL solids on Ebay because there are some greedy people out there who like to rip peeple off. You will find that everywhere, I suppose, but Ebay and online selling/buying is so much easier for people to rip you off because you don't have to hardly communicate with them.

Be careful. Bad transactions happen all the time to everyone. You're fortunate now that you don't have to pay for a case to be opened. In the past the Ebay fee was US$25.00 to do this and you didn't necessarily get your postage amount back either.

Nowadays you can get the full refund + return postage if you send something back.

Sometimes if a deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is !