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Of course I won't buy or go near her again. I have already excluded her in my EL solid perfume searches but have to constantly “update” my exclusions because of her constant change of name!!!

She insisted that she has sent the four items and on Monday if I still haven't received them, I will escalate the case. Since march when I started to collect the solids, I have never had any trouble with receiving the solids except in one case the seller didn't mention the solid didn't close properly. I emailed her and got no reply and I left it at that as I can still display it and just left her a negative feedback. It was the only bad one out of now close to 100 solids. I have really had bad experiences lately. Beside this one that I didn't receive, I received a package from the UK yesterday. I bought the weekend artist and the violin with perfume but no boxes. I really like the weekend artist so I am willing to buy even with no box but still has perfume. In the package, there was only the weekend artist but NO violin! I emailed the seller and she said she has sent both! I emailed her again with more details and she didn't reply again. I have just opened a case with PayPal because I find the eBay resolution process very slow and not helpful. If I didn't get my money back in these two cases, I will stop buying from eBay. I have paid close to $ 500 for these two cases!