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'Sandra' wrote on '12:

Alice, open up a Paypal case. You only have about 30 days. The seller knows this, that's why she is saying 3 – 4 weeks. She MUST provide a tracking number or proof of postage to Paypal. This will have a date on it, so you can see when the person sent it.

Sometimes a Paypal case will 'remind' them send it.

Let her know you are serious. If you receive the goods in the meantime, you can always close the case without any admonition from Paypal or Ebay. You are just keeping the seller honest, which is what Ebay is all about. 🙂

Totally right on, Sandra! I got an email this a.m. from a friend who is an ebay seller who has dealt with this seller and she said the seller has very “shady” behavior and won't send merchandise until the buyer opens a case against her. She is not to be trusted.

Alice, please open a case before it's too late – you can see she's not acting in an honest manner. I don't know why ebay allows sellers to change their IDs whenever they want. PayPal seems to care more about keeping people honest. It's just not right what she's doing 😡