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Hello Everyone,

Apologies but have been so busy and only now reading further comments.

Let me add that the following is as a result of your actions (IMHO) as Michele would say:

The seller, also known as SarahShoppe, or something like that which you will see in the listings, has now listed the items under the name of the brand! Previously this was not the case. Therefore, anyone thinking that perhaps they were E.L solids, can see straight away they ARE NOT! If you look at these items they are inferior and brash and NOT in the same class as the E.L. solid perfumes. Cold comfort, I agree, but anyone will see they are inferior products and cheap mass produced possibly for a mere pittance in the Far East.

Recently this seller had the Harrods Hatbox for sale. I was then advised by another collector that there were faults with this item i.e. wrong colouring etc. So my next question is this:

As this seller is also getting hold of imperfect E.L. solid perfumes and selling them on Ebay, are these being used to copy the ones which Objet D'Art are producing (I hope I have the correct company name as I did not write it down)?

If this seller is using a rejected E.L item obtained from the factory ( am not speaking of prototypes) and sending them to China for copying, then I am sure our detectives can track this down. I have just had a thought but I expect many of you who know what has happened in the past, will see where I am coming from!

Either way, the items being sold now are being listed under their brand name for what they are i.e. rubbish! I am not saying they will not appeal to buyers, but not buyers who want the E.Lauder items which are refined, beautifully made,and quality products. If you want quality you pay for it. These items are brash and although they are copying the design, they are still rubbish.

As long as you are not fooled into purchasing an item in the belief that it is WHAT IT IS NOT!

I must say it is remarkable what you have all found.. You are all fantastic!