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Hello, all! I haven't posted anything for awhile but still follow the activity on the site. First, Lisa, my best wishes for a full and successful recovery after your surgery. Thank you for keeping the website going – it can't be an easy task! 😮 Second, welcome, Alice! 😀 Reading your posts reminds me of when I first started collecting EL solids and I think your passion and enthusiasm is invigorating! You will find wonderful people on the website willing to help you. Third, as to the topic at hand, I think it's shameful what this fairly new company (started in 2008 according to the webpage Brigitte provided, thank you, Brigitte!) is doing and even worse is the questionable bidding practices going on that Alice has reported occurring with the seller's “sara.perfume.compact.shoppe” auctions. Alice, you can also call ebay's toll free number and speak with someone in the appropriate department. I did that when the 2011 Harrods Bear mess was going on (you may have to read some old forums about it if you haven't already!) and the ebay representative was very interested in and receptive to my comments. You all may be interested to know that this seller has also used the ebay IDs of elaudercollector and 2010sfleck33 AND is the same person who joined this website as ecollector2012 to try and sell solids. Interesting that she told someone she's been collecting these new trinket boxes for “10 years” when the company just started in 2008. I had purchased some EL solids a couple years ago from this seller and corresponded with her at that time. I find it all very, very sad. 🙁 I have not purchased any solids in a long time and don't plan to unless it's from someone I trust from this site or new from NM or Saks.

I'm sorry this got so lengthy but I just had to respond! Thank you, Alice and Petals and everyone who is trying to correct the wrongdoing that is happening! 🙂

Warmest Regards,