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QUOTE(nyslzzle @ Jul 26 2009, 12:45 PM)
No problem Zooey, no offense was taken, I wasn't sure if I should post that info or not because you never know, the seller could be a member here. I just remember reading back where someone visited that factory and said how secure it was. I thought it interesting if the factory looked so secure how so many compacts managed to leave it.

We all get angry at EL because they sell at warhouse sales. At least the sellers who bought them at these sales are paying for them. They may make a small profit since they sell for so much less than original price on ebay. I have been to a sale before and you pay between $25 and $50 depending on the piece(and they are not the really good pieces).  But the people who stole them and have hundreds (the great pieces) to sell on ebay are really making a fortune. I see this particular seller start at 9.99 and sometimes gets well over $200 for an item.

I guess in the end it is ELs fault for making so many. Regardless people will still collect them any way they can. It doesn't matter where they came from.

Anyway it was just news. Let's all get back to the story. It's more fun.


Thanks for the warning. Caveat Emptor I don't get angry about the warehouse sales, I just don't buy the empty compacts from the warehouse sellers on ebay but of course it's all down to personal choice…………. No disrespect to the buyers that do! 🙂