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LOL! A really LARGE house payment, mansion payment perhaps!

Both my contented cat, TJ and my pampered pekingese, Brittney do that same scratch sans the fleas. I think it's just like us scratching our heads…

LOL I meant scratching our heads like an itch, but once I read that back to myself I imagined myself dazed standing there scratching my head. Yikes I am turning into the scratching contented cat with no fleas!!!!

Speaking of fleas. I love the Frontline commercial where the little dog sings “Ain't no fleas on me, ain't no fleas on me! Some of you mugs got plenty of bugs, but there ain't no fleas on me!” It is so cute! I bet his little song has made Frontline a mansion payment or two! LOL!

I would love to see EL come out with a tan and a black pomeranian puppy solid. I think they would be adorable to add to the doggie solids!