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Imperial princess on ebay question.

The last imperial princess on ebay was item number 230023124259 She sold for $1026 to beanielizzy.

It had a broken hinge and also no box.

I too am upset about the warehouse sales. I paid so much money for my collection, and to see that I can't even get back what I paid for some of these beautiful pieces is really sad. I have a bunch of my solids listed in my ebay store. If there are any of them you'll want, make me an offer. But please don't offer me half of what it is listed for. I can't afford to lose that much money. Sigh. If you want one , email me first and I will cancel my ebay auction and give you a 10% discount on the price. I plan to put up more this weekend.

My prices are based on what I paid for them and a 6 month search of back auctions to get an average price….If the average price is less than I paid, then it is listed for exactly what I paid. I the average price is above what I paid, then that is the price that is listed. I paid retail for most of my solids and I bought off ebay when prices were higher, much higher in 2001.